How to Take a Spore Print

Updated: Apr 16

One of the most important steps in the process of growing mushrooms is being able to take a spore print. Spore prints are used for three main purposes – mushroom cultivation, mushroom identification and art!

Step 1. Find a Viable Mushroom

You will need to find a fresh mushroom will gills.

Step 2. Prep Mushroom For Printing.

If the mushroom you have chosen is still damp, you can set it gill-side up and allow it to dry before continuing. Once dry, use scissors to cut the stem from the cap of the mushroom.

Step 3. Take Spore Print

Place the mushroom cap gill-side down on paper or tinfoil and place a container over top of it to prevent air flow. Do not disturb for 6-8 hours to allow maximum amount of spores to drop

Final step. Remove container

Once 6-8 hours has passed you may remove container from covering the mushroom cap. let dry if needed and there you have it ! Your print is ready to be examined and used.

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