How to Make Light Malt Extract Liquid Culture For Mushroom Cultivation.

Liquid cultures are used to expand mycelium into a liquid solution to inoculate your chosen substrate, like a multi-spore syringe, except the spores have germinated into a network. Since the spores are already germinated; colonization times are substantially faster and inoculated substrates have an edge over contamination with speed.

Supplies Needed

  1. Light Malt Extract

  2. Self Healing Injection Port Mason Jar

  3. Measuring Cups

  4. Pressure Cooker or Canner

  5. Magnetic Stir (optional)

  6. Coffee Filters

  7. Mason Jar for Filtering

  8. Paper Micropore Tape

  9. Tin Foil


Combine 1.5 cups of warm water with .5 tsp of light malt extract (LME) and your stir bar if you have one. Stir the contents until the LME is dissolved, put your lid on and apply paper tape to the lid. Cover with tinfoil and use a canner to steam sterilize the jar for 30 minutes, remove the jar and filter the liquid through a coffee filter. Replace filtered liquid back into original jar and steam sterilize for an additional 2 hours.Allow jar to cool before inoculation.

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