How to Make a Humidity System For Growing Mushrooms

Mushrooms need constant, high humidity to develop properly. This requires a humidifier and a means of keeping a constant Relative Humidity (RH) between 80-90%. Today i will teach you how to make your own. Click the video below or scroll down for a Step by Step procedure.

Supply List


  1. Mist Maker , 1- 9 disc options available from House of Hydro

  2. Waterproof fan, available at House of Hydro

  3. Humidistat, available at House of Hydro

  4. Clear Silicone, available at local hardware store

  5. Ducting, available at local hardware store

  6. Plastic tote, available at any department store

Step 1

Cut 2 holes in the tote lid, matching the size of the fan and ducting

Step 2

Use the clear silicone to attach the ducting and fan to the tote

Step 3

Flip the tote lid over and silicone the bottom of the ducting hole. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 4

Fill the tote with the proper amount of water and plug your mist maker into the power supply block.

Step 5

Plug the power supply block into your humidistat and plug into an outlet. You will see this EEE code pop up on the screen until you plug in your humidity probe sensor. Once the probe is connected the humidistat will turn on the mist maker. You can also plug the fan in with an adapter so they both turn on when the humidistat turns on.

Thats all there is too it ! Don't forget to clean the plastic tote from time to time. Thanks for Reading.....

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