How to Grow Unlimited Mushrooms

Updated: Mar 12

The first step to grow unlimited mushrooms is by using Liquid Culture.

Liquid culture consists of a sterilized nutritious solution, usually a mixture of water and various kinds of sugars, which has been inoculated with fungus spores or mycelium. Once colonized, liquid culture is used to inoculate PF jars or Grain Spawn.

In this blog i will be teaching you how to make a liquid culture by yourself.

you can watch the video below and/or scroll down to read my step by step instructions.


Materials required:

1. Quart sized mason jar

2. Hammer/Nail

3. Micropore Tape

4. Pressure Cooker/Canner

5. Measuring Cups

6. Karo Light Syrup

7. Water

8. Isopropyl Alcohol, Gloves, Mask, lighter

9. Spore n' Sprout Liquid Culture Syringe

10. Sharpie/Pen

11. Magnetic Stirrer/Marble

Step 1: Modifying Jar Lid

Using a hammer and nail, poke a hole in the center of the jar lid.

This will be the hole that our syringe will use to inject mycelium into the jar.

Step 2. Adding Water and Karo Syrup

I use 4 milliliters of karo light corn syrup per 100 milliliters of warm water. So 300 milliliters of water =12 milliliters of Karo, you can use a syringe to get it exact. Mycelium doesn't like higher than 4% sugars, and thrives off 3% even, but 4% is dead on.

Add the syrup to warm water and stir with a spoon.

Step 3. Add Stir Bar/Marble to the Jar

In this step you need to add a magnetic stir bar or a marble if you don't have a magnetic stirrer. This will be be used to break up the dense mycelium cloud that forms after growing for a while.

Step 4. Cover Hole With Micropore Tape

Now rip a small piece of micropore tape and place it over the hole in the jar lid. This will prevent contamination from entering and allow for fresh air exchange.

Step 5. Sterilization

Pressure cook the jar at 15 psi for 30 minutes

Bring the temperature up to maximum and let the cooker pressure up. This could take a really long time, depending on the size of your cooker.Once the pressure has built up enough to overcome the force of the weight, the weight will start to jiggle, and steam will be released. Leave the stove on max for another minute or so, and then turn down the stove to medium or low. You want just enough heat so that the steam barely has enough pressure to move the weight.

After the 30 minutes are up turn off the stove and let the pressure cooker cool off and release its pressure on its own gradually. once it stops hissing you can take your jar out and allow to cool to room temperature before moving to the next step.

Step 6. Inoculation

This is the most important step in the method, make sure to be as sterile as possible. use isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the jar lid and the area you will be using. Wear gloves and a mask, your body harbors many contaminants so make sure you are clean yourself.

Use a lighter to sterilize the needle of your syringe and let it cool down. Once cool, poke through the hole covered with micropore tape and squirt 2ccs into the jar.

Pull the syringe out and immediately cover the hole you just punctured with one more layer of micropore tape.

Final Step. Magnetic stir

The last step is to magnetically stir the jar to help disperse the mycelium you injected. you will want to repeat this step once everyday or so to help speed up the growth process. If you dont have a magnetic stirrer you will have to twist the jar back and fourth to move the marble that you put in as a replacement. If you dont use a stirrer of any kind the mycelium would grow into a dense ball and prevent full expansion.

The End ! Make Sure you Keep your New Liquid Culture in Room Temp to Colonize.

Thank You For Reading, If you have any questions, comment them below!

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