5 Pack Waterproof Mycology Lids, Rugular Mouth Self Healing Injection Jar Lids


New updated lid design featuring waterproof air filter disc and waterproof adhesive injection port for increased reliability and longevity. This listing is for 5 modified jar lids used to grow mushrooms.

Self healing injection port jar lids are helpful in the process of making liquid culture or grain spawn in jars.

Allows for quick and sterile inoculation.

2 filter discs are used on the top and bottom of the air hole maximizing efficiency.

Updated jar lids now allow liquid culture to be shaken inside the jar without worrying about splashing up and wetting the filter. The waterproof filters also allow transportation of jars between buildings.

Regular mouth size.

Can be reused a few times.

Lid band not included.

Exactly what I ordered, thanks!

Lids and culture are working great!

These came in pretty fast and they're great straight forward quality lids with self healing injection ports already installed for you. If you don't want to do the work to make them yourself, buy these! They come presterilized too. Recommended!

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