White Beech Mushroom 11 ml Liquid Culture Hypsizygus tessellatus Bunapi-shimeji

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11 ml culture of white beech mushrooms.

The white buna-shimeji mushroom is a variation of the hon-shimeji, sometimes called Alba Clamshell. They're often found growing in dead or decaying beech trees, which is where they get their name, as well as in cottonwood and elm trees.
Chefs love these little mushrooms because of their almond aroma, delicate flavor, crunchy texture, and versatility. White Beech mushrooms have piquant aromas, sharp flavor when fresh, sweet and buttery when cooked

Cultivated white beech mushrooms live on substrates composed of sawdust, grain and organic agricultural waste in a climate controlled dark environment

It is recommended to grow the culture out on many agar plates so that you may have back up storage.

Storage: Room temp for up to 6 months and over 12 months if refrigerated.

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