Pholiota Nameko Mushroom Liquid Culture

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12 ml Pholiota Nameko Liquid Culture

Phoiota nameko is one of the most popular cultivated mushrooms in Japan, closely ranking behind Shiitake and Enokitake. This mushroom has an excellent, flavor and texture.

P. nameko is known for the thick, translucent, glutinous slime covering the cap. (This mucilaginous coat is common with many species of Pholiota.) Although unappealing to most, this slime soon disappears upon cooking and is undetectable when the mushrooms are served. This mushroom is a superb edible which can be grown easily on sterilized, supplemented sawdust, and/or logs

To initiate mushroom formation, temperatures are lowered to the 50-60* F (10-15* C) range, relative humidity is increased to 98-100% rH, exposure to lighting is increased and the surface mycelium is frequently misted with a fine spray of water. Approximately a week after initiating, orange streaks of slime form across the exposed surface of the mycelium. Soon thereafter, populations of primordia form and emerge within this overlaying, glutinous mass. This glutinous layer acts as a moisture bank promoting mushroom formation and development.

Storage: Can be left at room temperature for up to 6 months, and refrigerated for longer than 1 year.

Wonderful spores ! Got some growth on my rye berries just 2 days after inoculation

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Arrived quickly, and well packaged. Won't be using for a few weeks but looks like a healthy culture.

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