Black Poplar (Pioppino) Agrocybe aegerita Gourmet Mushroom Liquid Culture

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This mushroom species is used in gourmet dishes, it is NON ACTIVE!*

Scientific Name: Agrocybe aegerita

Common Names: Black Poplar, Velvet Pioppini

Fruiting Temp: 45-55° F
Fruiting Humidity: 85%-90%

Includes 12ml liquid culture syringe + sterile needle

Recommended use: Use the syringe to inoculate your own liquid culture media to expand the mycelium into many syringes worth.

Storage: Can be left at room temperature for up to 6 months, and refrigerated for longer than 1 year.

I'm ordering for the first time from this seller, but I've been subscribed to his YouTube channel for a long time. Syringes full of mycelium are beautiful. The owner of the store is a master of his craft, I follow every video. There is no doubt about the quality of the mycelium.

Looks great can’t wait to get them growing!

Really good genetics, they really do thrive.

Took to LQ quickly, seemingly strong genetics. Haven’t grown it out yet though.

Thank you again for the great product!!

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