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      I have always been fascinated by nature but more specifically mushrooms! My curiosity of them grew just as fast as they do themselves. I began to research them constantly to better understand the otherworldly vibe i got from them. I wanted to know how they grew, where they grew and why. I came to realize that they are here to cure the world in a sense. Not only are many of them nutritious and good for you, they contain medicinal compounds that help cure a wide range of health issues. They fight disease, lower inflammation, suppress allergic responses, reduce tumor growth and more. I then found that not only are they helpful to us but also to our planet. Mushrooms and other fungi possess enzymatic machinery for the degradation of waste/pollutants and therefore, can be applied for a wide variety of pollutants that plague the earth. through a process known as mycoremediation they can heal the planet. The happiness this brought me is immeasurable and fuels my journey to learn and teach others the power of mushrooms. 

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